Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Third Day of Prep

It's almost 2PM on New Year's Eve and most of the prep work is done.  I have not been very diligent about documenting the kitchen's process - seems most of the more interesting stuff has gone on in my absence - but work has been underway since Sunday, toward the major dining event that is New Year's Eve at Brooks Tavern.

The menu is printed and programmed; the "Happy New Year!" banner is hung; the cookies are baked, the blood oranges are sliced and the pimento cheese is stuffed into the pickles.  (Yes, you read that last one right - and it is delicious!)  Here are a few photos of the progress:

The Branzino.
Jay is prepping the fish.
The Branzino will be paired with lobster.
These U-10 shrimp will be garnishing the St. Brigid's Farm veal.
Medjool dates.
These will be stuffed with house-cured prosciutto and manchego cheese.
Cherelle and Kevin get ready for the group shot.
Abby, Mandrell and Jay prep the blood oranges.
Fingerling potatoes.
Blood orange sauce is planned for the veal and shrimp.
Here's the day crew, who have worked very hard for the past two days.  In front, Tiffany, Mandrell and Abby.  In the back, Cherelle and Kevin.  Thank you guys for all of your efforts this week! 

I'll try to get one more report in before the bell tolls six, including a shot of the night crew who will be plating all this food up tonight!

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