Friday, January 03, 2014

Snow Day

So far, at 1PM, we've had 7 customers in the dining room.

Kevin and I got here at around 8:30, hoping some of our staff could make it in.  So far we'd heard from three, one of whom would have come in if we asked but we told her to stay safe in Millington instead.  Two more were snowed in still.  And one we hadn't heard from yet...

All we needed was two people to help Kevin in the kitchen and we could serve lunch.  And we got two: Mandrell and Antwan are here, to man the stations and serve the dining public.

All seven of them.

Meanwhile, once again Horizon Dairy saved our a** by plowing our road and Kennedyville Road so we could safely navigate to Route 213 into Chestertown.  Of course the spot by Fair Hill Farm was a whiteout for a few hundred yards, as the blowing dusty snow had nothing to impede its travels around us, but otherwise the state had done a grand job of allowing us to get to work.

But, once at the Radcliffe Mill, there was no sign of a plow.  Soon it was Randy, Myles and Kevin hefting snow shovels and clearing sidewalks.

 The reward?  why a steaming mug of Hot Chocolate, of course!

And of course we had to bring Ruby into the office - it was way too cold for her to hang out in her pen today.  She's pretty cozy, don't you agree?

It is pretty cold out, with the wind non-stop, which is making it difficult for deliveries from the Western Shore to make it over the bridge.  And it is probably causing some pipes to freeze.  So far though, we are warm and dry and full of hot chocolate here at Brooks Tavern.  You should join us!

Next up: New Year's Eve results!

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