Friday, March 21, 2014

New Menu Items Debut

Re-opening after vacation traditionally brings a few new dishes to the BT menu, and this year is no exception.  The biggest news, perhaps, is that the deep fryer is on at lunch!  This may not sound like much to you, and is certainly not a news worthy event to 98% of any other restaurant in the area, but like the microwave at KVI, Kevin has balked at turning the fryer on at lunch, and consequently the menu was without anything that might benefit from a bath in the hot oil.  Well, with the advent of a fish taco and and oyster po'boy, those days are over.  At least for now.  What can we expect next, French fries with the burger?  You just never know!

Here is the lunch version of the fish taco - two soft corn tortillas with catfish, Napa cabbage, salsa, pickled onions and lime crema. 

The po'boy - served here on our sandwich bun, rather than the more traditional hoagie roll - features four large oysters and a creole mayonnaise to keep things legit.  I have not had the good fortune to man handle a bite of this "boy", but you can be sure it is on my radar.

A salad special yesterday showcased grilled chicken with a pineapple curry dressing.

Available on the daily menu is our Caesar salad, topped either with griddled shrimp, as pictured here, or with the most requested menu item for a Caesar of the decade - grilled chicken.  Finally available at Brooks Tavern!  (and, fyi, there were only supposed to be four shrimp on this salad!)

At dinner, the fish taco also makes an appearance - this time with rainbow trout, shrimp and rice cakes.  It can be a knife and fork adventure, or, pick it up!  Either way, it looks a lot better in person than it does in my photo.

Meatballs made with St. Brigid's Farm veal, are on the small plate menu.  The inspiration for this dish came during a meal in Rehoboth where veal meatballs were ordered and deemed quite delicious.  Of course Kevin was inspired to do even better, and after a text exchange with his Italian sister-in-law about a few details, the BT meatball was born.

Here they are in their cooked version - they are presented three to an order on a slice of garlic toast, to make a tasty snack or a light-ish dinner.

Special this week, shad roe, making it's annual trek up the coast.  Always popular, this year's first presentation is the traditional bacon wrapped version.  Kevin is hoping to get some shad as well this year, in anticipation of enlisting a talent for boning the fish to make it more palatable.   We'll keep you posted on that.

Rockfish and shrimp gumbo has been the seafood selection special so far this week.

The Roseda NY strip steak has gotten a new look. After several months of being topped with fried onions, the steak is now under a mushroom sauce and accompanied by a blue cheese baked potato.  My photo is not the best - hard to see where the mushrooms end and the steak begins - but, trust me, it is quite an appetizing plate.  There is not much that goes better with a strip steak than a pile of meaty mushrooms and some BT demi-glaze to bring it all together.

The duck is a bit of a retro presentation - the rice noodles with a red curry roasted duck has seen similar versions here before.  With some sauteed greens and a sprig of cilantro, you know you are not in Kansas anymore with this one.

One dish that needs a bit of tweaking is the Langenfelder pork chop, which also looks better in person than on this post.  It is on a slice of sausage polenta, under a coat of sundried tomatoes and house made mozzarella.  Maybe a little too much "brown"?  Not sure, but I think Kevin will be making some changes to the presentation, which I will be sure to document.

And lastly, the new chicken dish, which last night a guest declared to be "off the charts!".  Housemade fettuccine noodles in a garlic cream sauce, atop a bed of fresh arugula and finished off with a griddled chicken paillard.  Looks great and apparently tastes pretty good too!

There you have it.  Spring dishes are arriving daily!

Peace out!

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