Friday, March 21, 2014


Construction is scheduled to begin on March 31st, on the (totally unnecessary) round-about at our intersection on High Street.  When the preliminary work was done late last summer our lunch business all but vanished.  During that period of several weeks, attempting to get into the Radcliffe Mill added 20+ extra minutes round trip, pretty much from what ever direction you were coming. Few of our business customers have the luxury of extra time to use that much of their limited lunch hour to wait in traffic.  This will be a major hit for us and for our neighbors as well.  Yes, we knew it was coming.  And yes, we've been b**ching about it.  And yes, if we had been contacted, as the stakeholder which we are, when this plan was being devised, we would have done all we could to save the money from being wasted.  That being said, it's obviously too late to do anything now.  

We're gonna have to get creative...

Any suggestions?  The only thing I can come up with is call-ahead meals, ready when you sit down.  That and a special "Brooks Tavern" lane!

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