Thursday, February 02, 2012

Wednesday's Review

I'm not sure why I got in this habit of posting a review of the Wednesday night prix-fixe each Thursday morning, but I suspect it has something to do with the lack of much else to report on!  The menu last night read very well, but we were still pretty slow.  It's more than likely a combination of time of year and confusion over our vacation.  What ever, we cannot complain about business overall this January - it has seemed to be a little better than usual, although that could be a figment of my ever hopeful imagination.  

Anyway, here's the menu report:

Kevin came up with this idea of a "tortilla pie".  He's been into all sorts of  "pies" lately, from the turnover last week, to the "crepe cake" he's been serving as a lunch special.  This time it's flour tortillas, layered with beans and ricotta cheese, browned on top with jack cheese.  Sort of like a "Mexican" lasagna I guess.

It was cut into triangles and garnished with a tortilla chip sail, sauced with a roasted sundried tomato sauce.  I didn't try all of the components together last night, but it sure made a tasty breakfast this morning!

The entree was pork tenderloin under a bed of jicama salsa, made especially savory with some roasted poblano peppers and cilantro.  Had to be good.

The wedge of chocolate cake had a little cinnamon in the batter, but perhaps not enough.  That was supposed to be the Mexican connection to the rest of the menu, but to my taste there was no cinnamon flavor...still a nice chocolatey cake for dessert. 

Big food events on the horizon include Super Bowl Sunday Supper and Valentine's Day.  Sunday's repast is sure to include guacamole - I know this because we are making it - and more than likely chicken wings and chili, in most living rooms.  I have no idea when this annual indoor sporting event became so food centric, but I understand that more avocados are sold for this feast day than at any other time of the year.  And you better get them early, since they won't be ripe in time if you wait until Saturday!

Valentine's Day - on a Tuesday this year - is billed as the second biggest day for restaurants around the country.  When it falls on a weekday like this, it is an especially attractive boost, since it heaps extra business on a typically slow day plus often adds to the guest counts for the weekend prior as well.  We expect to be pretty busy - I  am definitely scheduling a bartender - and the kitchen will be preparing a special "For Two" menu to greet the lovers in the dining room.  Kevin usually tries to get a heart on the plate somewhere or another, and of course we have to have those aphrodisiac foods that will help the rest of the evening along. 

Of course, my Valentine motto is not especially good for business:

     "Every day is Valentine's Day 
for Kevin and me."

Hope your team wins! 

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